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Clockhaven, April 25th, 188X, further operations

The power fluxuations continue, the connection of the Time Egg has now caused it to have blackouts as well, while the Tesla Needle is now shuddering and smoking, and the plant is having frequent shakes.

Undaunted, Dr. Dino had tested the power stores of Platform 11, this involved firing up the defenses of the plaform.  Reports from the mecharaptors in  the city inform the crater created near port was well formed, and gave off a sligt smell of lime.


This somehow pleased the dinosaur, to the point he increased the power settings at the plant, until the Time Egg’s controls themselves are now sparking.

The Biographer has taken to avoiding entering the Time Egg, or the Power Plant at all, like the plauge, and advises others to do the same.



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