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Clockhaven, April 21st, 188X, Bypassing the power drain

As the attempts to stop the power fluctuations of the plant failed, Dr. Dinosaur began to connect his own Time Egg to the loop.  The day was spent, with mecharaptors carying cables and assorted wiring to and from the landed Time Egg, as receivers and other assorted peices of machinery were connected to the Tesla needle.

Dr. Dinosaur himself stayed in the console room of the Time Egg, removing wooden panels and connecting other bits of machinery to the innards. 
As he was working, among occasional flashes of electrical sparks and cursing, He pulled out of the console and replaced the panel.  Receiving the signal from the Mecharaptors that their work was complete as well, He powered the Time Egg, and cackled as he watched the overall power readings increase.

Setting coordinates to Platform 11, the mecharaptors were left to wrap things up at the plant. 
Gloating about how there was no way he can be stopped now, Dr. Dinosaur opened the doors, and practically fell out into midair, as the coordinates had been off and the Time Egg had actually arrived on the underside of Platform 11.

The Biographer spent the night in the D-Con room after the Dinosaur blamed him for the miscalculation of his shoddy built whatsis….doesn’t know what gravity is, what, they never invented it in the Jurassic period?

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