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Clockhaven, April 20th, 188X

April 20th, 188X

While the work in the Clockhaven plant continued , inadvertedly causing
three tesla coils to overload , and a couple small fires in Dr.
Dinosaur’s attempts to keep the power going to Platform 11.  Doctor
Dinosaur’s interrogation of the penguin that appeared has ended in a
truce, the penguin now often riding the raptor’s shoulder.  Dr. D had
considered connecting the “Time Egg’s” power source, whatever it was
that it ran off of, to the loop he had established at the plant to
attempt and allieviate the mysterious power drain.  The general location
had been located, but the exploding fruit basket sent, had gone off too
soon, leaving peels and the splatters of fruit and pieces of the small
construct sent to deliver it.  Dr. D discarded that plan after the area
of the signal turned out to cover half of Clockhaven anyway.  Dr. D
blamed the faulty equipment he had picked up.

Platform 11’s power stores are filling reguardless, though the constant
power fluctuations and overloaded equipment has made it much slower than
the raptor intended.

While this all was going on, the “Time Egg” spontaniously ‘grew’ a room 
off of the main cavelike room Dr. D often used as a living quarter and
laboratory.  The room itself was largely empty, yet the raptor
proclaimed it a ‘D-Con room’ and locked the penquin inside prior to
their negotiations.

 As well as the new room, it has been shaking intermittently, and
somehow a door that was never there before, had opened on the far wall
of the laboratory, and dumped out much of the machines and equipment
under study out into the void, including the deactivated automoton in
the maid uniform that had been standing there since the biographer was
hired.  She looked well made, but the fact that even deactivated, it
felt as if you were being watched was disturbing, the biographer doesn’t
miss it.

After a bit of panic and shreiking at the Time Egg, the doors finally
slammed shut.  Dr. D had welded one of the metal shelving units over the
doors, just in case.

On a personal note, for a supposed expert on this machine, the reptile
seems often clueless about how to actually use it properly, as a couple
days ago, he had opened the main doors to exit into the power plant,
only for the Vernian Sea to come pouring in.  It took hours to clean the
mess up.

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