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City Rumors: Vol. 1

And the experiment continues from:

I’m really liking the way that discussion is headed, so I’m separating this out and seeing how it takes off. While the first thread can be more attuned to information about specific characters, this one will be about specific events or happenings. In-Character rumor mill, if you will.

See something happen on the street and want to spread word? Bring it here.

Want to further a part of your plot and let other people know something about it? Feel free to share.

Care to create a silly falsehood? Perfect.

Have fun and go for it!

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  1. Bianca Namori Bianca Namori July 26, 2011

    Tes made a great point that can be considered in the future on the other thread too! Perhaps this can be tailored down so if people do get bogged down by flipping through the rumors (or forget to come back and to either clear the rumor or update it?) it can be also mentioned on their personal blogs as well?

    There also could be a “Key” of some sort that we can all recognize i.e. * means in character, ** Means out of character so our blog headers don’t get too long too? Probably a way overcomplicated suggestion, but I’m sure you get what I mean.


    This is a good idea because some people forget the CS of when something is JUST  blogging and RP. Which then they cross information into the RP that just isn’t there or would not of been known under circumstances.

  2. Scottie Melnik Scottie Melnik July 26, 2011

    While I’m not sure about the whole key thing, I think we’re on the same track. I like Tess’ idea too. In fact, posting a blog with the IC info and then posting it here as well would be ideal. As I said in the other post, there are times I know I haven’t been able to get to every post, or they fall off the page or something. These are just supposed to be quick little one-liners that would typically spread about town.

    I’m rather curious as to how the rumors in the Engineers notes work. I’ve always been under the impression that they’re not IC, so someone can correct me if I’m wrong on that.

    But an example of a rumor I’m going to post is: “Mr and Mrs Melnik have been seen going into and coming out of a manhole on Loner Lane daily for the last few weeks.”

    Fairly simple. Nothing to revealing but a curious sort might take it upon themselves to head down there. Or perhaps check out a blog they may have missed. 

    • Dr. Cyberusfaustus Dr. Cyberusfaustus July 29, 2011

      hmm curious… I thought I heard there was a shipment of rather well aged rum headed towards New Babbage…

    • Mr Tenk Mr Tenk July 29, 2011

      the rumors in the notecards always allude to IC events, or anything silly that may or may not have happened. if i’m writing them, i use it to draw attention to other people’s plotlines. 

  3. Bianca Namori Bianca Namori July 26, 2011

    From what I gather (oh joy!), rumors are governed or partly done by a one, Mr. Victor Mornington that may or may not be fed the words, or has created them himself.

    Blogs are going to be the real winners here though as that’s what the non-ning is built upon and sometimes sadly, a lot of roleplay information. I think that’s due to the very mixed nature of New Babbage roleplay and the players within its preferences meaning some people would rather act it out, others write it out, and some act it out then rewrite it here to share with everyone but that doesn’t always mean it is IC knowledge.

    • Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg July 26, 2011

      Actually, you bring up a good point that has come up a couple of times lately in conversations I’ve had with people.  Namely, how exactly does one RP in New Babbage?  And I think that you’ve really answered the question:  sometimes we write it, sometimes we act it, and sometimes we do both.

      Personally, I have a story I’d like to tell, and the telling can be done better in text than in live roleplay.  But I’m conscious of the opportunities that the story has for live interactions with others, and am thinking about how and when others can be involved.  The issue of how much of the “text” story will be known by others IC is something I’d not considered, so this thread is quite timely.

      I do apologize if I’m venturing onto well-trod ground. I’m new to RP and new to RP in New Babbage, so this may not be the right approach but it seems like a good way to get rolling.

      No pun intended, of course. ;-)

    • Verlia Bilavio Verlia Bilavio July 26, 2011

      There’s also some things you can’t easily act out and some you’d rather wish to not act out, as those sorts of things tend to draw a lot of attention inworld.

      I think the problem of IC / OOC knowledge is definitely an important one to be raised, as I believe it gets passed over. Unless someone specifically tells me something or I see someone do something in world, or an urchin or someone else passes me along the information IC, I’m not going to know (IC) what another person is doing. I think the purpose here was to churn the urchin/street knowledge rumor mill. 

  4. Orpheus Angkarn Orpheus Angkarn July 27, 2011

    Since Ms. Melnik is looking for rumours, here’s one. A man resembling Mr. Angkarn (though slightly older looking) was seen poking around the old Masonic Lodge. It appeared he was trying to make off with a book, but was chased off before he could take anything.
    Mr. Lorefield reported that this man also believes he has lived the span of 15 years in a matter of months. The story was told to him by the man himself while sailing in the port. After telling his tale, there was a flash of lightening and the man had vanished.

  5. Victor1st Mornington Victor1st Mornington July 27, 2011

    The way the rumours in the notes used to work (before i got my hands on it) was that tenk used to write a few one liners which was more specific headlines to RP plots going on…then Tenk went on holiday during winter of this year…and i expanded it.

    The rumours now are just that, pure speculation, some outright lies but each of the rumours are founded on some truth…like Mrs Bookworm Heinrichs-Underby, there was a joke marriage plot that went on a while ago between Book and Doc O, and Mr Underby is now single and i’ve been hammering home the fact that Mr Underby is now single…so what better way to see Book married off than to marry her to Mr Underby.

    I write the rumours the way old gossiping ladies around New Babbage might gossip about people while drinking some tea…the rumours might be totally out there…but they are based on some RP truths :)

    Also by the time the rumours get to me via the Urchins i have payed to scour the city, it has become 3rd or 4th hand stories by the time the urchins give me their scribbled out notes and i pay them a silver penny for their work, its the way most rumours work, a half truth is told by one, the next person tells it to someone else and adds their own story…etc etc etc.

    • Sky Melnik Sky Melnik July 27, 2011

      I for one always love reading the rumors in the notes. I think most of us get a huge kick out of them. So, thanks!

    • Bianca Namori Bianca Namori July 27, 2011

      I completely agree! The rumors are very enjoyable Vic and I like how they are so utterly twisted by the time they get out. I sadly find myself just looking through the notes to see “Who don did it now!”

  6. Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg July 27, 2011

    Here’s another rumor, of a fairly ordinary variety.

    An urchin said that Ms. Junie paid a group of them a silver sixpence each to go pick some cinderberries from outside the city wall, that she’s been seen delivering the baskets of berries to Johannestiege and leaving with fully baked pies.

    When asked what cinderberries were, the urchin rolled his eyes and explained that they’re berries where the cinders fall, of course, and that he wouldn’t tell you where they were unless you topped Ms. Junie’s price.

  7. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk July 29, 2011

    should i tell them that the rumors are just a ruse to get them to read the notes?

    • Bianca Namori Bianca Namori July 29, 2011

      You’re that uncle who gets a kick out of telling the five-year-old there isn’t a Santa aren’t you….

      • Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg July 29, 2011

        Shhhh….there are urchins listening….

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