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Churning Tempest

It seemed like he was floating away forever across the Vernian Sea.  The night before finally something had reached up grabbing his leg, but as his eyes weakly opened he saw the now full moon and groaned.  

The call, the hunger, the moons song; his ears twitch as he grips the busted crate tighter.  The creature from the depths tried to pull him into the water as his body changed.  He fights to stay on the crate, but with a hiss sharp claws rake down his back.  

He shudders and manages to get onto the crate before passing out from hunger, pain, and weakness. Time moved by before he woke again, the morning sun shining down on him as his eye cracks open weakly.  Sand….he was on sand.  It was cold out still, he could feel the water lapping at half his body as he struggled to call out for help, hoping… just hoping someone would find him on this beach.  The noises, the sounds he knew in his mind, it was clockhaven, now he just needed hope, hope someone would find him.

((comments welcome and you’re welcome to join in drop me a message I am always checking this site from work or if i am on sl drop me a line

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