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Christmas Tree Decoration Contest!

A long, long time ago… in a New Babbage far…far… *cough*…

You get the point…

..anyway, Doctor Obolensky used to plant a big huge tree somewhere in the city and invite folks to make decorations for it, and then set it on fire and laugh…i dont know about the fire bit but it suits his modus operandi…

I thought of bringing back this old New Babbage custom. The tree is freshly cut down and smuggled out of Caledon, they wont notice one tree missing. The contest will run from the day this notecard goes out and it will end on December the 31st.

I will be judging it. Mr Tenk will be invited to have a ponder if i cant make up my mind and it ends up as a tie.

1st: 1500L$

2nd: 1000L$

3rd: 500L$

…and like Mr Tenk does with the contests he runs, there will be separate judging for Mesh and Prim/Sculpt decorations…

Max prims of 20LI…only one entry per person. They are also decorations that should be hung on the tree branches as well, so dont make them big. Ive rezzed out an old (very old) decoration Tesla Tripsa made a long, long time ago to give you an idea on size…

PS: Tree topper decorations should be layed out on the tables… theres only one tree so not enough for more than one topper on it.

Tree is over at Builders Square in Academy


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  1. Victor1st Mornington Victor1st Mornington January 1, 2018

    The Picks!

    1st (prim/sculpt): Dr Obolensky – Go to the tree… stand under Doc’s ornament, then click on it, you’ll be FIIIIINE… *cough*

    1st (mesh): Artful Hammerer – A bauble…with a clock, and only 2li :o

    2nd: (prim/sculpt) Nellie – A classic Bauble, but with an “at the wheel” snow scene…

    2nd: (mesh) – Beq Janus – A simple Bauble, but with a combined seamless 360 picture slideshow inside…ive tried seamless panorama’s before…gave up trying it.

    3rd: (mesh) Scottie Melnik: – A New Babbage branded bauble with a big solid pointy thing at the bottom so youll never want it falling off your tree and landing on you…

    A massive thanks to EVERYONE who took part in this years Christmas decorating contest!  Tree and its ornaments will be left out until Jan 5th (the Twelfth Night) so you can pop along and have a look at the different entries.



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