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Christmas Eve & A Broken (peg)Leg

All Christmas Eve day Star had the most peculiar feeling, a little like the sensation when one hears a thread break as they pull on a shift and cannot find the hole. Or, perhaps, the odd feeling against one’s toe as a hole just forms in a stocking. 

Whatever it was it was the feeling that something was just slightly off. Not an alarming feeling at all, just something that puzzled and pricked at the back of her mind as she oversaw deliveries to the newly finished Red Cat Flower shop (paying out copious tips for the holiday labor), and as she swiftly decorated her Christmas tree.

The answer came when, as the clock struck midnight, and her leg gave a great, resounding CRACK and dumped her on the ground.

“Hey! You all right?” Kaylee called, hearing Star’s ‘eep’ of surprise.

“Yes! My leg’s broken though,” Star said and, catching Kay’s look of alarm, she added hastily, “My peg, I mean!”

“Oh. I’ll go grab the spare then.” She dashed off to dig through the crates. 

Star hauled herself up onto the sofa to unstrap her leg. A crack had gone straight through it. She thought that must have been what was bothering her the whole day. Probably a little water had gotten into it and when it froze as she was out walking it had caused the break.

Kaylee returned with the spare, “Knew I’d get you back into a mechanical leg.” 

“Yeah, you probably sawed this thing through.” Star said with a laugh, “The timing was amusing, though.” She strapped on the clunky mechanical, setting the peg aside to be fixed later. 

“Hey Kaylee?” Star said with a smile. 

“Yes, Star?” 

“Merry Christmas.”

Kaylee grinned, “Can we open the presents now?”

“No! Not until morning. But we should probably get to bed or Steam Santa will pass us over!” 



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