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art looks fabu
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  1. merryman merryman June 7, 2010

    This looks absolutely fantastic! You’re running into some of the same problems I was facing though. Namely we will overrun drupal in a matter of hours.

    How many blog posts will get shoved above? the content block on the home page, forcing the forums and photos to be many many scrolls down? How many blog posts will go into the recent blog posts area? How amny blog posts should show up on the page in the first place? I haven’t found these settings anywhere. I created about 20 blogs to see if I could reach some sort of limit or some kind of pagination and faield to hit it.

    My first idea was to change the default “Promoted to front page” entry to off. But then where do we put blogs? If personal blogs end up just on their own page with the recent blog entries content block on the homepage will that suffice? I think it may be the best balance.

    The Ning has the opposite problem… namely things scroll off the screen far too quickly.

    The recent blog posts block has a serious flaw… it does not indicate which blog a reply is made to. The ning does this as well and it’s confusing as hell.

    looks awesome!

    • archivist archivist June 7, 2010

      There’s gotta be a way to control the number of blog items that appear, right? Hmm.

      Focusing on being able to include inline images and hopefully get a WYSIWIG editor for text submissions working.

      • merryman merryman June 7, 2010

        My biggest complaint about the ning is if I miss it for a few days I literally miss a ton of info. However including all 2 days of blog posts and replies on the home page would have me whining about all the mess. Ideally I could subscribe to the blogs that interest me and ignore the others by author. But then we would run the real risk of fracturing the community, setting up cliques etc.

        I never have figured out what the mechanism is to place blog posts on the front page… if that code could be snipped from index.php and moved to node.X that is the blog homepage it would be more better I think.

      • merryman merryman June 7, 2010

        I think there’s a sub cck module that would put pics inline. I had to quit working on it today and do some domestic stuff.

      • merryman merryman June 7, 2010

        my bad… administer contact management, post setting, number of posts whew!

    • merryman merryman June 7, 2010

      no ul for replies? must be handled via the template ?

  2. archivist archivist June 7, 2010

    Okay is it me or are these comments not sorting CHRONOLOGICALLY?!

    • archivist archivist June 7, 2010

      A reply to the Chronological comment…

      • archivist archivist June 7, 2010

        This should be indented even more than the reply above.

        • archivist archivist June 7, 2010

          And it is. But the comment body isn’t obeying the indenting class above it.

          • archivist archivist June 7, 2010

            Okay now it is.

            Should we disable the Subject field for discussion comments?

    • archivist archivist June 7, 2010

      And now the Subject field is disabled. Looking cleaner all the time.

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