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Cenotaph in remembrance of 4th August 1914

I’ve set up a copy of the London Cenotaph in the yard of Quest House in
Academy of Industry. It usually goes up in November but this is for
today’s remembrance. Please feel free to visit it and stand with your
own thoughts.

There are no poppies as on that day, all was new, and all still alive.



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  1. Caesar Osterham Caesar Osterham August 4, 2014

    The guns of August are slient now.  Depending on who you ask and how you define being a veteran, the last veteran of the Great War was either Claude Choules (who was the war’s last combat veteran) or Florence Green who was in a non-combat position with the RAF during the war’s final months.

    Since the centenery started I’ve been reading The Guns of August.  The book covers the first month of the war and all the actions that led up to it.  It’s a fascinating read that details the failures that led to four years of utter tragedy.  Kennedy claimed that the insights he got from this  work kept the Cuban Missile Crisis from becoming the start of the Third World War.




    Lest We Forget

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