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Cavorite for Dinosaur

i folded the note i had just written and smiling handed it off to a runner,when captain Nimoy walked into my office door,”you wanted to see me mam? he said, the constant venomous drool that ran from his vile reptilian mouth dripped on his collar as he spoke.

my nose wrinkled as i replied “yes Nimoy, Doctor dinosaur has requested that i get him 170 tons of cavorite! an impossible amount, profit only knows what he plans to do with it”

the lizard stood perplexed for a moment, then eyes brightening he replied “maybe he wants to float away the whole city?”

i shook my head “as if there was any chance i would let that happen,well i said i would get him a 100 pounds to start, for which he’s paying 50,000 q, and it just so happens that according to next months shipping news, that very amount is on a new Caledonian packet boat that sails tomorrow,heading to meiville do be a dear and intercept it for me”

Nimoy smiled, stained hooked fangs glinting “the usual rules mam no survivors?”

i leaned back in my chair ” yes and just to make it interesting, when you sink the hulk, toss a steelhead flag onto some of the wreckage just to liven things up a bit”

nemoy hissed out a laugh as he left ” oh this should be fun”

i leaned back my chair and put my feet up on my desk”hmmmm i wonder if Doc dino’s hide would make nice boots if he fails to pay me?’

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