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Call for witnesses, have any seen this Odd Species hereabout?

As some may be aware, Sergeant Underwood and I have been pursuing various investigations of the properties of the Aether, in particular the isolation of, and the traits and attributes, of its Phlogestonic component. We have managed a collodial suspension of this substance, an aetheric emulsion as we call it.

We are at present testing the effects of a range of dilutions of tinctures of phlogeston on various living specimen. If anyone has sighted the unusual and rare chimera known as the Squidowl, or Kraken Pupae, please send a notice to the Sothron Tesla Agency Headquarters, in the Lemon-Snickety House, Iron Bay, #9 and alert either Mr Underwood, Myself, or Major Oldrich if he happens to be on duty.

Y’r Ob’d’nt S’r’v’nt



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