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Burke and Hare – The Movie

A charming independent movie coming out soon, if you can find it. I’ll be looking for it. You may recall Mr. Mornington reading R. L. Stevenson’s The Bodysnatcher earlier this year, which is based on the same incidents.


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  1. Yang Moreau Yang Moreau August 29, 2011

    You had me at the first sign of Simon Pegg. The rest is an ass ton of icing! DEFINITELY got to see this!

  2. Blackberry Harvey Blackberry Harvey August 30, 2011

    Nice to see Andy Serkis out of a mocap suit!

  3. Edward Pearse Edward Pearse August 30, 2011

    Great movie. There’s also small parts by Christopher Lee and Tim Curry.

    And if you like that, try I Sell the Dead.

  4. Christine McAllister Pearse Christine McAllister Pearse August 30, 2011

    Oh I am going to have to see this!

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