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Bunny Eats Babbage.

As I wandered through the ramshackle gathering of wood and nails, sawdust coating the tips of my Moore blackback boots, I couldn’t help but wonder why the little spot of land seemed so empty.

“Where in the world did he get to this time?” I wondered, searching low to the ground for the wee red colored rabbit. Mr. Genesis, though quite short in stature, always made an impression while tossing beams of wood about. For such a little bunny, he always seemed to get himself into mischief. Calling his name, I searched the outside of the building, coming flush to the wall of the CocoaJava café. The intoxicating smell of chocolate and coffee lit upon my nose as if it were a hot ember, startling me with the sudden need for a cup.

“None of that now… I must find that bunny….”

Moving forward I felt my foot squash something into the cobbles. Upon inspection I realized it was a piece of chocolate. Picking it off with the end of my parasol, I noticed another piece just a few feet away. Like Hansel & Gretel’s breadcrumb trail, chocolates led a half eaten path around the corner and away from the construction site. Following my nose, I came to a wooden door that was slightly ajar.

“Nom, nom, nom, nom….” The sound of eating struck in me a dash of alarm, for no one could eat one out of house and home like my bunny friend. Especially if said home is filled with sweets.

“Good Gracious Prime! You will eat every morsel in this poor establishment!” I cried, turning the bunny around to face me. Bits of toffee littered his cravat as he wiped his mouth thoroughly with a handkerchief. Large, liquid brown eyes gazed up at me, blinking slowly with a coupling of both innocence and unabashed curiosity.

“I is not nomming Lady Vivi! I is testing for da freshness!” He replied, pocketing a few morsels into his overcoat. Turning about, he hopped hurriedly away, returning to the building to continue his work. Rolling my eyes in an unladylike fashion (permissible since I was alone in the room of course) I followed him out the door to help.

This delicious delicacy disaster continued, with him leading me on a merry chase thrice more. At this rate, I would have to pay out the poor confectioner. As time went on, the smell of the hot steamy cocoa coming from the café became too much for me to bear. As Mr. Genesis hammered away at his work, asking me questions over his shoulder, I tiptoed out of the room and up the stairs to Mr. Harvey’s establishment.

I poured myself the largest cup of cocoa possible, drinking it as if it were the nectar of the gods. Time passed, and I fear I did indeed lose track of it, as it has a tendency to move forward whether we wish it to or not. Sipping my third cup with a crumbly scone in my hand, I heard the distinct sound of paws on old floorboards. Hiding behind the bookcase in desperation, I began gulping from the cup to rid myself of the evidence of my drinking debauchery. To my shame Mr. Genesis found me there, cowering in the corner with hot cocoa smeared on my upper lip. Putting his paws on his hips in fleeting indignation he shook his head at me.

“Oh noess, U be buzzing , be buzzing like a bee Miss Vivi! No, no, no, no nomming, come aways!” He said in concern, reaching for my skirts to tug me away from my hiding place. Taking two steps towards the door he froze, his little nose twitching as his eyes caught sight of a plate of cookies.

“Ohhhh, Marshie Mallows!”

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  1. Prime Genesis Prime Genesis January 14, 2011

    Sweets is bestus when dey fresh.

    I not nomming. I testing em. I eated one. It sooo yummy, Wuut.

    All da sweeties is fresh dere at da candy shop. I reccommends dem thiiiiiiiiiiss much. Fresh sweeties is good sweeties I sez.
    And sweeties not bad for u, nuuuu, dey not. Dey give energies. Sweeties let me builds and lift heavy things wwayyyyy up.

    Wuut, Miss Vivi letting me help builds da house. I sooo hippies ^.^

    Biggies drink too much coffees, me se dem always. Counting one, two, three, lotsa cups.
    Dey get hyped up. Miss Vivi da sames. I thinks she funny buzzing around like da bees. I laughs lotses.
    She should have da marshie mallows insteads. Den she gets lotsa energies.

    I likes da CocoJavas. It a wayyy good place. Da seats is bouncy and softs, and dey have marshie mallows, Wuut.

  2. Vivienne Spiritweaver Vivienne Spiritweaver January 14, 2011

    Perhaps I should switch back to tea *wince*

  3. Blackberry Harvey Blackberry Harvey January 14, 2011

    My sweet, fluffy, hot buns!

    …I just baked those.

    *pours a bigger cup of coffee and goes back to the kitchen with a sigh*

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