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Bump and Shine

Quick Bump & Shine demo in the new materials enabled linden viewer.

Things you need to know:

bump and shine maps are 32 bit textures that are applied IN ADDITION to the regular texture. it will increase texture based lag.

it should only be used if its going to make a difference.

some ways to make bump maps might possibly cause alpha wierdness in foggy weather. i don’t know which ways but i’ve seen two cases, one on the CFF building in Canals and one on the wet dock in Clockhaven. these both predate the materials viewer.

*most* bump and shine maps have to be made match the texture, don’t just use them randomly. i’ve seen one case of a brick bump map on a tile courtyard already.

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  1. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk June 29, 2013

    Be careful with this around tubes, torii, or hollowed prims, or anything linked to those sort of prims. i’ve seen some dangerous increases in prim accounting!


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