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Brunel’s Burning Problem

Mornington sat back on the new sofa infront of the wood burning fireplace of Brunel Hall and chuckled.  It was a risky bet he took more than 3 years ago now when he opted for full wood burning fireplaces in all rooms of the hotel…and the hotel had a lot of fireplaces, 12 in total.  One for each room and the two fireplaces in the restaurant and the basement bar.

On average on a cold day more than half a ton of hardwood is burned in the hotel…this year was more colder than usual, and morningtons supply of wood was running a little short.

He sent off a letter to Mr Hardwicke, one of the lead dock workers at the Port…

“Dear Mr Hardwicke.

I have reason to beleive that a transport ship moving goods from New Babbage to Steelhead is bound for departure early tomorrow evening.  Please instruct the captain and quartermaster fo the vessel to bring back 4 full trunks of spruce from steelhead and deliver it at the sawmill in Topperwick for delivery in bundles to Brunel Hall.

Usual recompense for this last minute delivery will be given to yourself and the captain of the vessel.


V. Mornington”

About 2 hours later, a young Urchin messenger ran into Brunel Hall and delivered a reply from Mr Hardwicke.

“Evenin Mornington

Unfortunatley the captain of the vessel has informed us that Steelhead has banned all exports of goods to Brunel Hall.  Apparently the last crew started cutting down tree’s from folks gardens.



Mornington choked on his chivas and started coughing.

Then he remembered…the coal shed next to Sovereign House…there was still coal left in there from last year.  There was a slight problem, the coalshed was doorless.

Mornington scrambled to make plans to at least have some of the coal in the hotel before the lot was stolen….probably by Emerson.


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