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Brown Thumb

“How much longer?” Sky hissed from the other side of the tunnel, her bright blue eyes scanning the darkness of the street for the small form of the Clockwinder. They reckoned he would come from that direction, straight from his loft in City Hall, but that was only the most likely path. Scottie let out a rather loud curse from inside the Square as some of the defoliant made contact with his skin. With a small patch of flesh on his hand sizzling quietly, he called out with a pained growl, “Just about finished!”

Sky kept a watchful eye on the street, grumbling quietly about having to work so late to destroy the greenery. Suddenly Scottie was behind her, casting his own gaze toward and whispering offhandedly, “Because the moment we got the defoliant we should have used it. We should have cleared the Square the very moment it started spreading.” She nodded, knowing it was the truth, but broke into a wide grin, “It was a wonderful party though, wasn’t it?”

Scottie could help but grin with her, leading her back into the Square. The sight took her breath away, the deep green moss now a smoking brown under the lights of the lanterns. The vines had withered and fallen from the buildings into clumps on the cobblestone.

Sky sighed heavily, and Scottie understood why. The only natural colors they owned had been reduced to the same brown tones that everything else around them was colored. Ever the optimist, he smiled and put his hand on her shoulder, thinking out loud, “You know, this stuff won’t take long to dry out and that defoliant seems quite flammable. I’ll bet if we piled all of this up and let it burn for just a bit, the toxic material would be gone…”

Sky looked in on the Square, smiling as she visualized it, “Bonfire?”

Scottie nodded with a grin, “Bonfire.”

((A huge thank you to everyone who attended for your amazing support! The night was great fun because you were there! Special thank yous go out to: Blackberry Harvey for the amazing set of tunes, Jedburgh Dagger for the theme concept, Vernden Jervil for the defoliant, Bookworm Hienrichs and Maddox Sinclair for snapping photos, and Mr. Tenk for letting us have our little time of greenness.))

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  1. Maddox Sinclaire Maddox Sinclaire May 11, 2011

    ((You’re welcome.^^ Though I did blank and snapped them when it was really dark,lol))


  2. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse May 11, 2011

    And thanks to you and Sky for hosting.  It was a wonderful evening.

  3. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin May 12, 2011

    ha! should come live under the Palasade Wall like me, cus i got grass an trees on me doorstep…errrr… box lid!

    Shame i missed the party, but you grown ups hold em soooo late…. wonder if we should have a party at the Urchin place in Wheatstone, while it is still there..?

    • Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse May 12, 2011

      Maybe we should have a Wheatstone Waterway Party where we rotate to 5 or 6 different places in a two hour period so we can see and enjoy all the new builds.

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