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Brother Rudyard’s Letter

(A couple of months ago) 

“News from home?” Brother Lapis asked. Earlier that day a letter had arrived via air mail addressed to Brother Rudyard. Judging from the imprint and the expensive feel of the stationary, it must have been from Rudyard’s family.

“Yes. Excellent news!” said Rudyard. “You and I are going to be very busy.”


“Quite. My father has convinced the Prince Leonardo to allow the Crown Jewels to go on tour. They will be coming here to be displayed as a museum exhibit. It will be quite the cultural event.”

Lapis wasn’t sure he liked the sound of that. “Please tell me we are not being tasked with making the security arrangements.”

“No, but we will be tasked with being the primary liaison between ourselves and the Crown Jewel escorts. And, we will have to make ourselves available to promote Ravilan culture to the local media to create excitement for the arrival of the exhibit. And provide translation services, of course.”

Lapis groaned inwardly. “And by us you mean…”

“We will need a press release first. Let Everyone know I am available for an interview, would you?”

“And exactly what does your family have riding on this endeavor? Besides raising the awareness of our homeland with the local population for trade and commerce purposes?”

“Prestige, of course. And a better standing. Things you wouldn’t understand.”

“Of course.” said Lapis. He would not be looking forward to the months of preparation ahead.



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  1. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse July 25, 2016


    “This crossword is too easy, I’m sure it is meant for grade-schoolers,” said Emerson, looking up from his paper to address the Squire who was busy polishing glasses behind the bar in preparation for the lunchtime crowd. “What’s wrong with the New Babbage Free Press these days? These crosswords are a joke. Penrose must be drunk is all I can think.”

     “How are you going to get Underby out of my bar?” the Squire sneered.

    “Buxombottom is worse,”

    “So? One goes the other follows. Do you have a plan?”

    “I’m working on it…” said Emerson, though he barely sounded as though he were paying attention as a quarter page illustrated advertisement caught his eye. “Hmm, now this is interesting.” He took his pencil and circled the ad then added two large exclamation points and several arrows. “The Ravilan Crown jewels at the New Babbage museum.”

    “What?” the Squire stopped polishing for a moment.

    “You know that solvency issue we’ve been dealing with, well I think I may have just figured a way out of it.”


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