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Break Your Fast Party

In case you’ve been wondering why our local Church of the Builder clerics have seemed more surly than usual, it’s because they’ve been on a 49-day fast. Not to worry though, it will all be over soon! On April 15th they will be allowed to have their beloved coffee and other mind-enhancing…uhm…medicinals, which will inevitably lead to happy chanting of the Fibonacci sequence long into the night.

Let’s help them celebrate their return to reason.

I mean… Their survival.

I mean… Oh, whatever. Let’s get drunk.

(Update:  Victor Mornington will be DJ’ing the event!)

Break Your Fast

Who: Everyone, with church members being our guests of honor

What: Music, dancing, liquor, pie, and five varieties of highly-caffeinated coffee (BYO sugar)

When: Sunday, April 15th, 6pm – 9pm

Where: The Gangplank, Clockhaven

Why: To celebrate the end of the Fast of the Squared Week!


(The preceding unsolicited invitation to merriment has been duly reviewed, fittingly corrected and subsequently approved by Sister Loxley, CotB. Except for the parts that I didn’t show her.)



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