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Boxing a Shadow

Bianca slumped in her chair and sighed deeply as the cold compress held to her forehead almost seemed to sizzle upon her mind. She wasn’t one to stay up late anymore, perhaps she was becoming more boring, uneventful, and even a bit drab…but weighting last night’s boxers became an event that she would not soon forget.

He was inked across his chest, bald, chiseled and with a gaze that would either woo you, or withdraw you, yet he stood around the other boxers chatting with them as if amongst old friends. She still couldn’t believe this guest would have given her the time of day, but all in all…she was very glad to have him as he was the only one that could give Borris the challenge he deemed as ring worthy.

What really got to her was trying to recollect what happened on the way home. She remembered there was a man that she ran into walking about the dawn kissed streets of the Gut. He was a cookie-cut Victorian chap with a long overcoat and a wandering gaze, perhaps even lost. Feeling a bit bold, or perhaps the drink in her was the cause of the unavailable caution, she approached and said warmly, “Sir, are you lost?”

Any logical woman would have avoided someone with such attire in The Gut, and with the series of unfortunate events in her life, Bianca figured what would be one more?

The man seemed to seize up for noticeable minutes. He then turned slowly and removed his top hat politely bobbing his head before the woman who had called out to him.

“I am a little lost miss, but do not fret. I was just on my way…” his voice was trembling as he eyed the filthy cobblestone street drawing lines in the crevices with his equally trembling gaze.

Bianca smirked a bit and nodded dizzily, “Well, good then. Be safe sir!” she said stepping lightly towards the direction of her home passing the man a couple steps before her wrist was caught by his grip.

“Ah! What did he say?! Who WAS he?! Why won’t my head stop hurting,” she murmured and whined in her chair before rising and throwing the cloth to sit on the arm of it. Taking in the breeze of the living rooms cracked window she thought perhaps she would enjoy some drinks at the White Rabbit this evening, and get out of the dark and damp of The Gut.

Perhaps she would be able to see that stranger again…

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