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Bone-Chilling Tales at the Bucket of Blood

O yes, you thought you had escaped, didn’t you, my pretties?  No such luck… it has returned, and has snuck up on you as well… yes, because you see, story night is THIS coming Monday evening, February 6th.

Short notice?  Certainly, but you see that’s how cold hands on the back of your neck work, darlings.

Theme, you ask?  Well aren’t you just precious with your constant curiosity… really… charming.  Where was I?  Theme, yes.  I have a hankering for pig feet, so I was thinking something bayou themed.  Emmanuelle’s accent sends me back to my days in the swamps of Louisiana, doing research into hoodoo… I can almost hear the drums starting to beat already.

Now mind, theme is not strictly enforced, any chilling tale will do… but if you want to be on my good side, well…

Oh, and I’m sure that rumour about the Bucket being haunted is spreading throughout town… sheer nonsense, I assure you all.  Cough.


As always, 6pm SLT.


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