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Bombastophone Broadsheet for 21 October 2012

By request of Mr. Pontecorvo, here is the latest Bombastophonic Broadsheet for your edification. Inworld editions will be available stacked in the side table inside the front doors.


“Proin sed bomun, si aliquid tale”


Mr. Martien Pontecorvo – Chief Engineer
Ms. Precipitate Flood – Operator & Tune Strangler
Mr. Maku Ibn-Selat – Fisherman, Sweets Vendor & Layabout


The following programme is currently planned for usage of the venue throughout the week. Please note that performances are subject to RL events without the chance of notice, i.e. running out of broadband, injury, or landing a fulltime job (yeah right.)

Times are given in regular Second Life time as well as Team PFV’s native New Zealand time.

Monday 6:00pm – 7:00pm SLT / Tuesday 2:00pm – 3:00pm NZT

The SubGenius Hour of Slack will be played for SubGenii, Yetinsyny, Bobbies, and Superior Mutants of all stripes. Come join us and repent, quit whatever tasks you may otherwise be subjected to, and praise “Bob”!

Monday 7:00pm – 8:00pm SLT / Tuesday 3:00pm – 4:00pm NZT

While away an hour with some good old fashioned serials. Ranging from podcasts like Boing Boing Gweek and Welcome to Mars to the original You Bet Your Life and Jack Benny Program!

Wednesday 8:00pm – 10:00pm SLT / Thursday 4:00pm – 6:00pm NZT

An enjoyable two-hour revel to celebrate victory over reaching the halfway mark of another week. Will it be psychedelia all over the world, a disco inferno, or something else entirely?

Thursday 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Ms. Flood presents an hour of adventuring through her record collection. It could be avante-garde, industrial, comic or something totally other. (Depending on what is happening at Fracture you may wish to follow her there afterwards.)

Friday 8:00pm – 10:00pm SLT / Saturday 4:00pm – 6:00pm NZT

Late at night, the Port comes alive to primal and wild beats and strange scents that make you see four-sided blue triangles. Oh dear, Ms. Flood’s at the dance again. Ranges from club to hardstyle to trance and back.


Those folk who have seen the posters around and about for not only the Bombastophone, but also Ms Psaltery’s recent event at Whitby Cake & Tea Co., may wish to commission the art services of Mr Maku Ibn-Selat, who has an eye for such things.

Costings begin at L$500 per work piece; this not only covers the cost of uploading, but also the time and effort of sourcing, installing, and typesetting, as well as replacement ink and hair regrowth tonic.


The grand opening performance went underway on time and with little to no technical hitches, despite Ms. Flood being unable to shut off the steam engine, and nothing exploded. A diverse crowd of Luminaries, Gentlefolk and Urchins were in attendance, including Ms. Garnet Psaltery, Mr. Nathan Adored, Brother Lapis, Mr. Victor Mornington, Mr. Cyan Rayna, and sundry Others.

Mr. Caesar Osterham was also in attendance and has fine daguerrotypes present upon his Flickr gallery.

It was noted that attendance dropped sharply from 10pm onwards and this has been duly noted in Team PFV’s planning.

Attendees were generous in their tipping, allowing Mr. P. to pay an entire week’s rent in advance, thus requiring him to seek a loan from Mr Ibn-Selat to pursue building work.


Mr Ibn-Selat claims to have evidence of wiggyfish once again circulating in the wild waters of Port Babbage, as opposed to swimming peacably in the Clockhaven aquarium. However, his description of the animal does not seem to match the form of the aquarium example, raising suspicions that the disreputable hyena has been smoking his pipe again.


Those with the misfortune to speak to Mr. Pontecorvo will know he has become terribly obsessed with the Saving of Prims; critics have suggested that perhaps a little less Detail might help.

Currently Mr. P. is now exploring the powers of a machine yclept Mesh Studio, and finding that this device, endorsed by our Clockwinder himself, is most promising, and he is becoming quite enthused about same.

Ms. F. and Mr. I-S. are sighing with resignation and bracing for upheavals.


Patrons are encouraged to subscribe to the goings-on of matters Bombastophonic as follows.

  1. Requesting invitations to the ‘Team PFV’ group. This will let you know of any and all shenanigans taking place among the proprietors, both within New Babbage and without. (Genteel folk should beware that this may include Flood’s DJ duties in less salubrious regions.)
  2. Those lacking in free group slots are encouraged to avail themselves of the Subscribe-O-Matic system for notices where applicable. Said Machine adorns the right-hand panel of the control booth as you behold it.
  3. Ms. Flood has a Tumblr, with Google Calendar, at (however, the drivel level here is quite high.)
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