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Behold and Congrats to Each of The Holiday Gnomes Entrees

who are they ????

((They work at night in the woods and sometimes in human dwellings, it is not sheer coincidence that the word gnome itself is derived from Kuba-Walda, which means ” home administrator” or “home spirit” in the ancient Germanic language. In rural areas these home administrators often live in the rafters of barns, where, if they are treated well, they keep an eye on the livestock as well as crops. Another variant of their name translates as “to put in order” or “do odd jobs” – with or without an apron.)))

makes note : Always treat a Gnome well .. *smiles*

Thank You To each of the brave entrees :)

Thank YOU to the Judges :)

The Holiday Gnomes Winners  

First Place . Edward Pearse, ‘Babbage Christmas Gnome’
If the whyfors of this gnome need to be explained, the point is lost.

Second Place . blakopal Galicia, ‘blakopal Holiday Gnome’
A charming and very traditional rendition, excellently detailed.

Third Place . Nightshade Sixpence, ‘NS6 MechaGnome’
Ominous, efficient and seasonal

Honourable Mentions:
Kimika Ying, ‘Holiday Gnome: Night Watchman’

Obscura Benoir, ‘Gnome’


Photos listed below in Order :)








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  1. Zaida Gearbox Zaida Gearbox November 22, 2010

    *giggles at Mr. Pearce’s entry*

  2. Christine McAllister Pearse Christine McAllister Pearse November 24, 2010

    *wonders if their rent is going to go up at Primbroke Manor because of this*  Well done to all the participants!  

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