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Beer Run (Bar Wars)

Scottie danced at the Gangplank with Sky, looking around the room, noting Victor and the Plank crew in attendance. Ahab’s and the Sneaky Vole were out of the running and the war had apparently been declared over, but Scottie had already set into motion a plan to hit everyone all at once.

He checked his pocket watch and knew the crew of the Herron’s Call should have completed their mission by now. He checked the door as he and Sky twirled about, beginning to get nervous.

Finally the door opened and the first mate stepped in. He tapped his chin twice and immediately exited. Scottie grinned, the sign for a successful mission given. By tomorrow morning, nearly all barrels of beer and many bottles of hard liquor used to replenish all of the town’s taverns would be found to be tainted with syrup of ipecac. Even some of Cuffs’ stock had been tampered with, but only enough to not arouse suspicion. Scottie sighed in relief and began to dance more enthusiastically with his wife.

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  1. Kristos Sonnerstein Kristos Sonnerstein August 12, 2012

    ((Ipecac! Horribly wicked you people are getting!))

  2. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse August 13, 2012

    “I knew they’d be in bed already.” said Malus, laying the covered containers down on the bar at Cuff’s. 

    “Oh, that’s too bad,” said Junie throwing out her lower lip slightly, “I was hoping to share my new Chili con Kraken with Sky and Scottie.”

    “It should keep ’til the morning.” Emerson smiled, “there are enough Ravilan spices in there to cure anything.”

    “Malus!” exclaimed Junie, “Didn’t you eat enough of that back at The Gangplank?” Malus had popped the lid off one of the containers and was shoveling spoonfuls of the reddish brown chili into his mouth.

    “I’d join him if I wasn’t already so full.” Emerson patted his stomach. “I swear that kid is a bottomless pit when it comes to food.”

    “I need something to drink.” said Malus tapping one of Scottie’s new barrels. “This is the same stock we just got for the Gangplank. Melnk shouldn’t mind if I set this up for him. He would have had to do it in the morning anyway.” Malus then drew three mugs of ale.

    “Cheers,” Emerson said clinking mugs with Junie and Malus. “To a great opening to the 2nd annual Air Kraken Festival.

    The three Gangplankers then took deep swallows off the new stock as they sat on the bar at Cuffs. 

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