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Bars Wars: The Shipment

It was mid afternoon in New Babbage.  Mornington was standing around the old wharf next to where the Mechanix Arms used to be waiting for the final weekend transport ship coming in.

The old puffer ship arrived at the dock bang on time.  Mornington casually walked over to the captain of the ship and asked to speak to the lead deck hand.  Upon finding the deck hand Mornington passed him two notes, one to read now, and the other to be nailed to a crate that was bound for a new pub which was just about to open very close to Brunel Hall.  Duke Pearse’s new establishment in Palisade… The Brass Monkey.

The opened letter instructed the deckhands to reroute Mr Pearse final shipment of fine wines and european bottled beers to a new destination… The Sneaky Vole.

The letter which was nailed to the top crate was addressed to Tepic, the letter read…

“Dear Tepic

Please accept this fine shipment of mid strength wines and lesser strength bottled beers from Europe.

All of us at The Gangplank and Cuffs hope you enjoy this gift and both our respective establishments hope that you continue to remain neutral in the current Bar Wars.


The Manangement
Cuffs and The Gangplank”

Mornington sat back in Brunel Hall, sipping away at a Chivas.  When Pearse finds his shipment rerouted, he’ll ask around.  He’ll find what remains of it at The Vole, with a bunch of happy urchins staggering around…and the urchins will point him and more importantly, his feiry wife who has a very bad temper…to Cuffs and The Gangplank.

Plus…it also keeps the urchins happy, and happy urchins is good for the rumor business.

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  1. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin August 6, 2012

    Tepic looked at the note, the crates, and the number of smiling, comatose urchins sleeping off the effects of the last night’s celebration. He thanked the cartier, then mumbled something under his breath about “needing a bigger bar…”.

    Knowing how important it was to be polite in business, he settled down on the crates to write thank you letters to both the Melniks and Miss Ginsberg for their kind gifts…..

  2. Christine McAllister Pearse Christine McAllister Pearse August 6, 2012

    ((Oh Mr. Mornington, you truly do have brass….I hope I can get in world at some point!  Well done!!!  Lol!  I hope you don’t have a distinctive hand when you write)

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