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Bar Wars: The Black Card

Scottie read the note again while Sky examined the black card. They were perched on their mantle at Cuffs and it was another quiet day. The stench of boiled wiggyfish was very slowly dissipating and the graffiti was fading after repeated scrubs. But none of that mattered compared to what had arrived in their mailbox.

“No postage, it was just dropped in the mailbox,” Scottie said offhand, “So it was dropped off by someone local who has dealings with Ravila. And according to the seal, which looks legitimate, the Blood Quarter. So the vampires have a stake in Babbage?”

Sky smiled at the pun, intended or otherwise before handing him the black card, “That means we can’t go back, and as far as I can tell, it’s real. A few of my old crew received these.”

Scottie frowned, reading the note yet again, looking for something, anything. “So they meant to strike at Emerson? I wonder what he has to do with them…”

Sky crossed her arms, “Well, I don’t care what he has to do with them. The vampires weren’t all that accommodating last time we were there. And the Elder pretty much threatened to eat us more than once.”

Scottie nodded thoughtfully, “But still, I don’t wish to cross them. Again, anyway. Although they did pay for the booze, which is rather nice. So it’s clear this wasn’t done by the Plank. And I don’t think Vic could have done it. He doesn’t have any connection to Ravila that we know of. Also, it sounds like a group did the tampering and Vic doesn’t seem to have a lot of worker types. I rather doubt it was the Vole. I can’t imagine urchins having contact with vampires. Who else might have a connection with Ravila?”

Sky shrugged, “The Bucket? Seems the most logical to me. Underby has always been a shady character and Njal is from Ravila, I believe.”

Scottie nodded, “Or Ahab’s. He runs the place with that Hob fellow, and as a sailor he’s probably sailed into Ravila many times. And smearing about fish on booze sounds like a sailor thing to do.”

Sky settled back against the chimney, “It could be about anyone, really. Anyone could have a connection to Ravila we don’t know about.”

Scottie sighed, “True. But we have to work with the knowledge we have. I’d say that puts the Bucket and Ahab’s in our sights.”

Just then Barney approached the hole in the wall but seemed reluctant to step inside still. Considering the smell, Scottie didn’t blame him, “Sir. Your shipment will be here in a few days. And the Herron’s call is set to depart by the end of next week. She’ll be out to sea for at least a year.”

Scottie grinned. Finally some good news. “We’ll have a going away party for them two nights before they leave. Free booze for the crew provided they do me a little favor.”

Barney nodded and rushed off, presumably to inform the captain of the Herron. Scottie sat back against the chimney with Sky, his plan slowly coming together. “So, Ahab’s and the Bucket. What to do…”

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  1. Scottie Melnik Scottie Melnik August 5, 2012

    Scottie hopped down from the mantle and dashed out a quick message. He folded the letter and sealed it with wax, imprinting it with his seal. He strode out to the Port and found a ship bound for Armada. He handed the captain the letter and paid him a gold piece to deliver it unopened. With that finished, he rejoined Sky at Cuffs, discussing the next round of retaliations.

  2. Victor1st Mornington Victor1st Mornington August 5, 2012

    Mornington heard from a couple of urchins hiding out around the back of Cuffs.

    “So…they are pinning it on old bonehead and that old duffer of a sea captain eh?”

    Mornington thought to himself that it was about time he payed a visit to Ahabs Bain.

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