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Bar Wars: The Bain of Exploding Cigars

Mornington sat in his home in Academy pondering on what to do with the Ahabs Bain Tavern.  He couldnt use the wiggyfish oil, the place was a whaling depot and reeked of dead whale, which was almost as bad wiggyfish oil.

He couldnt taint their drinks, because even the drinks was permeated with a slight taste of dead whale.

He couldnt do anything to damage the bar, cause the bar gets wrecked almost every night with the fights.

After thinking a bit more…Mornington started to grin.

“He sure does like his cigars….”

Early in the morning, when Ahabs was sure to be vacated, he went over to Ahabs bain with a bag full of cigars, the same mid range brand which was open to anyone to smoke in Ahabs Bain.

With the coast clear he removed all the cigars from the cigar box and replaced them with a bunch of ones he had bought from Mr Olendales House of Hilarity in Caledon last year.  They was joke cigars…designed to explode when lit.  It wouldnt be a large explosion, and it wouldnt hurt anyone, but it would get on Cadmus nerve’s and the rest fo the regulars that they couldnt enjoy a good cigar…incase it exploded on them.

Mornington walked back to Brunel with another one of those grins on his face.

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  1. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin August 5, 2012

    ah, no subtly these blokes, shoulda replaced every other cigar, then when they throw the lot out… :-)

  2. Cadmus Lupindo Cadmus Lupindo August 6, 2012

     Cadmus and the crew entered the bar to celebrate their lastest caper. The rum was passed around and cigars were lit.

    Cadmus blew a smoke ring.

    “This is the life.”

    A bang was repeated by several others. The smoke lifted and the men stood dazed. Their faces black with ash and the hair singed.  The ruined cigars hung in their mouths.

    Cadmus spat the cigar on the ground and began examining the remaining cigars in the box. Sadly he handed the box to one of the men.

    ‘Toss it into the Bay.”

    He knew things were going to get worse before the end. The men were ordered to remove several chests and special items from the premises.

     Cadmus walked off into the night swearing.



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