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 Cadmus and his crew peered down at the corpse bobbing in the murky water. The body was of a beefy man in a red shirt and canvas pants. Once the corpse was fished out of the Bay it was placed on the dock for identification.

“It’s Hamish.” Proclaimed Hob.

 Hamish, one of the deckhands, had been participating in the nightly raids on bars in town. Cadmus suspected Underby’s man Bib had a hand in Hamish’s death.

Cadmus handed Hob some money.

 “Give him a decent burial.”

Hamish’s shipmates lifted the body up to take him to the cemetery.

Hob shook his head.

“How many times ‘ave I warned the crew it is unlucky ter wear a red shirt?”

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  1. The Undertaker The Undertaker August 8, 2012

    *puts his best pine box on display in the storefront*

    Dreadful, simply dreadful.  Poor Hamish.  Tsk.

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