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Bar Wars: Late Night Confession

Malus pulled himself another glass of beer from the second tap from the pump he had just reassembled and sampled it carefully. Satisfied, he put up his towel and sat down next to Junie. 


“Yesssss, Martin?”

“I wasn’t going to tell you, but.”

“But what?”

“Someone broke in last night and put tar in the beer tap. I used all the kero to clean it out. I just didn’t want you to worry, but since everything else…”

Junie looked alarmed. 

“I guess you deserve to know.”

“Thank you Martin.”

Junie brooded a moment and searched for something to calm herself. 

“How did you know it was Brother Lapis who sent that letter?”

“Oh, he told me his real name once. He was in some war, we used to stay up all night and fence and talk about strategy. I can’t wait to meet him tomorrow as your envoy.”

“Oh. I did not realize you two where so close, from the way you fight with each other.”

Malus swished his beer around in his mouth, trying to decide if it tasted like lamp oil or tar. 

“I”ll lock up after you leave and stay on the couch. It’s no trouble,” he said at last.

Junie looked uneasy. 

“I just didn’t want you to worry. I have my sword. I know how to use it.”

“Alright Martin. I suppose that will be the best course of action.”

Junie got up and left for the evening, and Malus locked the door behind her, then settled in.

He found it odd that he hoped for a peaceful night. 

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