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Bar Wars: An Exchange of Flags

It had taken mornington a full 2 hours to convince the Port Authority boys to come oiver with a long ladder and pull down the flag that one of the owners, probably Junie…or someone Emerson payed, had placed on the old banner flag pole infront of the hotel.

“…but Mista Mornington Sur, it looks grand!  Havin that big skull an all that there!”

Mornington sighed…

“My dear fellow, do you think that this establishment is the kind of place the common riff raff that goes to The Gangplank would enjoy?”

The dock hand looked at Mornington and shook his head.

“Aye sir, ya gots a point there…yer place is too snobby fer the likes of us….”

Several hours later after coming back from one of the sign writers in Wheatstone, Mornington passed a large bundle to a group of eager urchins.  He had payed all 5 of them 2 gold coins and a promise of a nice cold meat savory buttered bread roll after they completed their job.

“Now remember kids, if anyone asks, tell them that Junie Ginsburg has payed you to do this and the happy hour is on ALL day….”

The urchins all started giggling as they ran off to The Gangplank… 30 minutes later…they had finished their job…


Once the urchins came back he gave each of them a large buttered roll filled with various savory meats from the restaurant and sent them on their way.

“Caledon resident only happy hour, and flying the flag of Caldeon…right over the door…”

Mornington sank into his chair in fits of laughter….

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