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Baiting Wexhome

“It would be nice to have someone that could just get rid of all these idiots in New Babbage…but someone skilled at it…”


Charise stared out the windows after hearing Bianca’s words, lost in her own thoughts as she pondered one of the remaining connections she had left.


Bianca snapped her out of it, “Something on your mind?”


Charise tried to seem nonchalant but failed miserably as she revealed she knew someone, and that this  someone was very skilled in such dealings.


” You joke? You of all people? I did not think you would be bothered in such… I am listening.”


Charise shrugged, “It seems we know little of each other afterall. He is an assassin, highly skilled in what he does. Though, it wouldn’t be easy to find him. Generally he finds me.” She muttered under breath, “The stubborn ass. But, I will put into motion what little I can do to find him.”


” Thank you Charise…I will make it worth your while…this I promise you.”


Charise nodded, knowing his reappearance may just cause her more pain that any positive, but her integration into the “Family” was one thing she wanted to hold onto.


As Charise again found herself lost in thought Bianca shoved some bills into her hands, ” There was a convenience store we passed here…can you see if they have anything good on regards of a chai? It is port so I was hoping there would be some I could enjoy….”


Charise stepped into the convenience store, the bills tucked away in her bodice. The location of the chai was obvious as soon as she stepped in, but that was not what she was shopping for. She looped around the store once, unsatisfied. She’d seen him – in the barbershop next door, the one with the mechanical eye. She tried clanking around some glass bottles loudly, to no avail. She was attracting attention from the store clerks but no one else. The gears turned in her head (figuratively!)  as she devised a plan. When the clerks had their backs turned, she grabbed a carpet rolled up in the corner, yanking it down as she threw some bottles of beer to the floor along with herself and let out a scream.


Byron rushed in, offering his hand to Charise, ” Madam…my apologies for your unfortunate accident. Please…let me help you up. Do you require a physician…?”


Charise sat upright on the floor and rubbed her ankle as she glanced up with a stricken look on her face, “Oh my goodness, I – I don’t think so, I’m just a bit shocked is all. I – I feel so terrible!”


“Please…think nothing of it. Accidents do happen. I’m very glad to see you are unhurt.. May I inquire on what happened, Miss…?”


Charise just stared at the man for a few moments, blinking a few times, “Oh! Oh, I’m sorry, Charise… Charise Adderstein. I, well, I was just over here in the corner,” she pointed behind herself, “Looking at this crate of brews and one of the carpets just started to fall! I tried to stop it, but, well it’s far too heavy. Someone was walking by on the other side at the same time, maybe it’s a warped floor board?”


Byron helped Charise up off of the floor and offered her both a seat and a glass of brandy. She quickly took to the brandy as she played dumb and tried to remember why she was in the store in the first place.


“Oh, yes! I recall now! My boss, she sent me here to find some Chai tea? I need to return it to the White Rabbit as soon as possible.”


 The grin on Byron’s face faded and his face turned to slate, “Chai tea, you say? That’s a bit redunant, isn’t it? Charles will get it for you. You may settle your account with him when you finish finding your nerves.” Byron moved to leave and then stopped, “The White Rabbit? You work for Ms. Elleon?”


” Chai tea… redundant? Oh, Miss Elleon? Oh, dear no. She’s no longer the owner of the White Rabbit. I do hope this is good chai.”


“Yes, only the best in Babbage.”


Charise smiled broadly as she paid the clerk, ” Oh good. Miss Namori will only accept the best.”


” Please inform Miss Namori that her partonage is welcomed here…you did say ‘Namori’, correct?”


“Oh, yes! Bianca Namori. She’s a rather wonderful boss.”


” I see…well. Please pass my regards. Perhaps I will make a visit of my newest patron…”


Charise clapped her hands together, grinning, “Oh, you must do so! And I’ll be sure to pass on your regards, Mr..?”


” Wexhome. I’m known in these parts as Mr. Byron Wexhome…”


” Then, Mr. Wexhome, thank you for your assistance, and I do apologize again. You take care, sir, and be sure to keep to your word!”



“I will do just that, I assure you. And…the pleasure..was..all..mine.”


At that, Byron stalked off, leaving Charise standing in his store with a smile.



Charise stepped out onto the patio of the White Rabbit and slid into the chair next to Bianca with a beaming grin. Bianca glanced up from her papers with a quizzical look…


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  1. Bianca Namori Bianca Namori July 16, 2011

    Bianca was certain this would be a good thing to know…a sense of closure so she could hate the man completely. She nodded to Charise, gave her her payment and sent her away. Closing the books for The White Rabbit, she put on her coat and began to head hom. She blended herself with the workers who where on the same path deligently.

    She was half way up the block before she felt something grab her wrist and tug her back. Taking a stance, she turned to give the intrusive person a five fingered hello…but when she turned she didn’t expect to see what she indeed saw.

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