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Back in Babbage

It is good to be back in New Babbage! The Ocean Liner was very nice and the trip relatively uneventful… I did manage to get myself banned from the First Class dining room after having a wee to  much to drink… All I did was change the dinner band’s sheet music and tried to lead the first class passengers in a polka dance I called “Who Stole The Kiszka!” Sera was pretty upset with me… Something along the lines of “It’s not such much that you drank that much… Or wanted to dance… but why do you  always pick the most obnoxious music?”

Things got better between us after Fred… Erm I mean “Fredopolus IV Penguin Orthdox Bishop of Antarctica…” was asked by the captain to lead the ships Sunday prayer service… Both Sera and I were very worried about this… He doesn’t speak English… I don’t think penguins really SHOULD lead prayer services and I know he’s not ordained…

Luckly he pointed out no one on the ship is “Penguin Orthodox” and he can just make it up as he goes along… And he did… He honked and squeaked… I mean “chanted” away the story of the loaves and fishes… We lit some dried fish on fire for incense hoping that would clear the room out long before he had to give out communion. It worked! The only living thing who stayed was the ships cat… Every one else was very polite and said that was the most interesting Sunday service ever…I spent the rest of Sunday in my cabin writing apology letters to all the Orthodox Patriarchs and the Pope to be on the safe side.

Glad to see you all again!

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  1. Victor1st Mornington Victor1st Mornington January 21, 2014

    …I would have loved to have been a passenger on that trip :D

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