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Babbage Urchin Machine Gun Corps…..

Although the bare knuckle fighting had never really taken off, the smuggling and storage side of the business was booming and Tepic realised that maybe they would need to protect the place a bit better. One of the crates with chinese writing on it had broken open and he had discovered some very interesting machines inside….

Later that evening the three urchin friends sat, poised and ready, along the dock behind the Carnival Tent. Richardus, Jon and Tepic grinned at each other, aimed across the canal and pressed the triggers!



Blossoms of coloured fire exploded over the water, tracking backwards and forwards, creating a curtain of wonder for the boys. As the glow expanded they eased back, a single exclamation of “wow” escaping from one of them. This was far better than they had ever expected.



“Well lads, reckon anyone tryin ter get us from the canals is in fer a bit of a suprise!” Tepic said, possibly underestimating the effect the barrage would have on any poor souls caught under it. “Let’s go celebrate!”

With that the three made their way back into the tent, and the welcoming barrels stored within.

(The Maxim Gun, on which this model is loosly based, was first made in 1884, so although it looks a little more modern than some may like, it is within the Steampunk era. It used a 250 round canvas belt feed, and the Vickers Machine Gun was based on the Maxim, and was in use until 1956 – a truly sucessful engineering design. This version fires fireworks and can be used by anyone, I think, just sit down then click the barrel for each shot. Three of us firing did not seem to cause any major viewer or sim problems – please let me know if anything is causing difficulties, so please feel free to go and try them out!)

(P.S. They are urchin sized…..)

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