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Babbage Naval Station

Yesterday I accompanied Jed on an inspection of the new Naval Station in Clockhaven. First Lieutenant Morgan Beckett did an excellent job on the construction.

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  1. Blackberry Harvey Blackberry Harvey September 3, 2012

    A day of naval gazing?

  2. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk September 3, 2012

    about time someone finally figured that lot out. dig the chains.

    • Byron Wexhome Byron Wexhome September 4, 2012

      I had hoped you would approve of it.  1LT Morgan had lamented that there was no suitable location for the Commodore to have an office or for him to recruit, train, and house a company of New Babbage Marines.  As I had not thought to use the plot behind the emporium for anything special, I donated it to the Naval Militia.  Well done, 1LT Morgan!

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