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Babbage Chronicles – The Plans [UPDATED]

Hi Everyone, i’m sorry i’ve been away for so long. Second Life got much harder to use and create stuff since i started using mesh and scripting things, and Linden Lab took years to introduce tools that on the user side seem very insignificant features. 

It has been almost 10 years since Alexander Eliot was found dead above the Absinteh Cafe, an event that launched me into running Roleplay stories every autumn for 5 years before stopping to take a break. That break lasted longer than i would have liked as i worked on learnign to 3D model with mesh, get to grips with scripting in SL and explore game tools that could be used in story telling.

Some might rememebr that i tried to start an RP storie a while bak with the Krakenwell Factory and Popplefarts. Unfortunitly the set up i created was to complex for me to maintain and then Linden Lab finally released their Experience Tools, so i took a step back to rethink things.

Since then i have worked on stories about haunted wells to Viking age folk tales and i’ve slowly been working towards a way to tell stories in SL and enhance Roleplaying encounters. I feel finally i am ready to step back in New Babbage and would like to share with you what i have planned.


Babbage Chronicles: Roleplay.

I’m looking to making a roleplay so that when you opt into the Babbage Chronicles a small descreate HUD button will appear as soon as you enter New Babbage. This little button will allow things to occur to the roleplayer that relate to the story being told and can bee updated and distributed with ease by me as the story evolves to the decisions of the players.

Autum has become a very busy time in New Babbage. I remember that i started the first RP story somewhat by accident in August 2007. As the years when on the stories started later and later, clashing with merryment. So i have decided that i will aim to start my next RP story ‘The Devils Toenail’ around march next year (2017).


Babbage Chronicles: Previous tales.

I plan to re-write the original 5 Babbage Chronicles stories as a clue hunting games. Working as a journalist its up to the player to use a special new technology that can extract memories of events storied in locatons and objects. players will be able to uncover the truth of what happend in New Babbages past.

The Eliot Device • Cloud Angel • Shadow of the 13 • The Black Heart • Dark Aether Falls


Babbage Chronicles: Girl meets a Boy [UPDATED]

As a test i plan to release a short clue hunting game hopefully in time for halloween weekend [it’s looking like i will probably miss the deadline for halloween]. The feedback from which will go into making the Babbage Chronicles the best story experience in Second Life here in New Babbage. Below is the first Image from ‘A girl meets a boy’.


And thats what i’m up to right now. I finished rebuilding all my plots, happy that the rentals have gone down :) So now i’m just concentrating on writing stories for the Babbage Chronicles.

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  1. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk October 14, 2016



    and yep, that complicated maintenance systems thing never lasts long. i think you only do it once before realizing the flaw in the design. every so often someone approaches me with a BIG PLAN that ends in

    “… then you can continue to ….”

    like i got time to adopt their babies. build something then foist it off on someone else seems to be a relic of the dot-com business models.

    • Loki Eliot Loki Eliot October 14, 2016

      For me it was learning to run an external database, it stored all the numbers of who was working at crackenwell, when they logged in and so forth. With a ledger book to add and remove workers. It all worked spiffing untill the time came to add new things and i suddenly realised i had forgotton how i had coded all that crap. And then to add to it all the place i was hosting the data base got merged and they broke the whole thing…. so i was like. meh. 

  2. Cyan Rayna Cyan Rayna October 14, 2016

    Just can’t wait to relive the original Babbage Chronicle stories and test out the “Boy meets a Girl” and of course play the newest of your chronicles as well.

  3. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon October 15, 2016

    Yay! *prances and dances*

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