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Babbage Blade & Bowls reopening December


On behalf of Mr Pontecorvo and myself, we wish to inform anyone who has not yet noticed that Babbage Blade & Bowls has been remodelled, and passers-by no longer need to risk their lives by detouring onto the streetcar tracks.

However, I fear Mr P. has sunk into a deep and dreadful melancholia, and when I enquired about what was happening to the commemorative plaques for October’s triumphants, his response:

“Bah! Nobody damn well comes, rot ’em.”

Naturally I waited until he slipped into a doze, then confiscated all the drink.

However, attendance at the contests has been rather lacking, and I suspect that Tuesdays from 7-8pm are not suitable for a large number of New Babbage residents.

Thus, the floor is open. What times are most suitable for you? When is conducive to the competitive clash of steel or the crash of pins beneath heavy orbs? (or, for that matter, the dreadful oaths, curses, and occasional screams pertaining to fishing the Vernian Deep?)

I eagerly await your answers, for I hear Mr P. making a din, and his ravings are distressing.

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  1. Jon Chen Jon Chen November 20, 2013

    I trust that 7seas fishing will still be found at the back of your establishment; I just got a fishing pole — it seemed a reasonable thing to do given my growing familiarity with the water of New Babbage, largely from repeatedly falling into canals.  You back up a little for a photograph, and a little more, and voila, l’eau!  Saturdays are, at the moment, my most open day, and daily, midmorning-ish until 3 p.m. SLT, seems to be how my days shape up at present.  I’ve not tried the bowling, but I have certainly heard that we have one or two serious sword masters in our stalwart city, and I’m sure their skill would be a rare thing to witness!  To be sure, you can hear about an event, read the excellent coverage of it in the New Babbage Free Press, but that does not compare to the frisson of being there, in that moment.  I shall be sure to check the calendar for doings at your fine establishment, and I trust that I can purchase bait buckets there as well…?

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