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Babbage Blade & Bowls opening 27 August 2013 2pm

Messrs. Pontecorvo & Ibn-Selat are pleased to announce that the formal opening of Babbage Blade & Bowls will take place on Tuesday 27 August at 2pm.

During this event, there will be a bowling competition, as well as a round of En Garde, during which points will be recorded and commemorative awards presented. Even if events cause the place to later devolve into kindling and brick dust, at least some lasting memento of our desperate attempts to give something back to this fair city.

Those not interested in winning gewgaws or gimcracks can amuse themselves with fishing over the Vernian Deep, where there will be custom fish; those of a more sedentary disposition may find the Greedy Greedy table attractive.

Refreshments are provided. Miss Flood has kindly allowed us to use Team PFV Radio to broadcast entertaining radio serials and comedies for those who prefer to spectate.

Babbage Blade & Bowls may be inspected at should you wish it.

The intention with Babbage Blade & Bowls is to offer more competitive recreational events for the citizens of New Babbage on a weekly basis. The plan is that we alternate each week between:

  1. A half-hour bowling contest, followed by En Garde; host Martien Pontecorvo
  2. Two half-hour 7Seas fishing contests (baited and not); host Maku Ibn-Selat

Points will be recorded during these contests, and customised awards will be dispensed monthly. The finest competitors by September 2014 will receive a custom-engraved trophy to proudly display.

I, Maku Ibn-Selat, declare that I make this announcement of my own free will, and not because Miss Flood a) has delivered some truly alarming ultimata to both myself and Mr Pontecorvo, nor b) is currently standing behind me holding something I cannot see and dare not enquire about.

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