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Autumn’s Notes: Remembering, yet not.

Autumn’s Notes



August 27th


I have been in the city walls but a week and trouble has found me.

She calls me a liar. She is intent on burying me.

Perhaps it is simply the ill-tempered nature of redheaded women.


Sometimes late at night I get a horrible feeling that I’ve done bad things.


August 25th

I encountered a man by the port who looked familiar. 

He claims I have danced with him. I do not know how this is possible, as I have not been in New Babbage before nor have I been able to walk much in the past few months.

Was I here before my accident?


August 24th

Before entering the city walls, I was certain I had never set foot in New Babbage.

There is an odd taste of familiarity lingering on my tongue. Some buildings seem familiar, like a lost memory. Perhaps I came from a place like this?

I have searched for the clocktower in my dreams with no luck. The closest resembling structure would be in Clockhaven, on the market square. Yet, there is no access to it. It must not be the same.


August 18th

Anton indicated there was business to be done in Falun before arriving in New Babbage. He has not announced the nature of our business, but a mining town could not have interest in precise scientific equipment.

I believe he owes a debt to someone.



August 17th

I was told not to get off the train in Bump.

I did not.



August 1st

Anton and I finally have work to do.

We are to travel to New Babbage. 

I have catalogued and sorted much of our inventory in the past few months while I had been recovering.

My legs have returned to their full strength. There is still a bump on my head.

Will my debt to Anton ever be payed?


July 28th

In the day, I do inventory. I assist Anton with his selection of wares. We prepare the books.

At night, I practice. I decipher the formulas. I wonder what I have lost.

I have a strange feeling I am better off not knowing.


July 21st

My memory of science still serves me well. Anton is grateful to have someone who can help in his trade.

Ravila is a dark place, yet intriguing. It is not for the weak.

As such, I have begun to regain my strength. I must gather it quickly if Anton and I are to prosper here.

There are more than few men in town that know a bit about weapons. Much less who are willing to train me. 

They laughed at first, but no longer.

Apparently, there are some things I have not lost.


July 12th

My only possession is a small notebook: Autumn’s Notes

The name sounds strange on my lips, yet it is my own.

All it contains are small notes, bits of formulas and points of scientific inquiry.

I did not like to dance before. Do I now?

I cannot help wondering who I was.


June 30th

A trader tells me he found me outside of Falun. His name is Anton Dreher and seems to have taken a liking to me. He talks for hours when he is not conducting business. I fall in and out of consciousness. The middle-aged man does not seem to mind. Perhaps even the well-traveled get lonely.

My body aches. I do not know what happened, but something did. Anton said I almost died.

The last thing I remember was falling.

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  1. Mosseveno Tenk Mosseveno Tenk August 27, 2010

    Never get off the train in Bump.

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