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Autopsy Report: Robert Blackrain


Malachi Miggins states, I am a Doctor of Medicine practicing in the City-state of New Babbage

On the evening of the 19th of December I made a post mortem examination of the deceased at the Jefferson Way mortuary.

The deceased was identified as one Robert Moses Blackrain, a resident of the city and employee of the Bucket of Blood Public House.

The body was that of a large statured Caucasian male. The body was dressed in work boots, woolen trousers, a common chambray work shirt and a brocade vest. The body was cold, given its exposure to the elements and the length of time it had been outside. The skin was unremarkable in consistency, the body showing a large number of previous injuries of a violent nature, viz. nine gunshots in various locations on the chest and abdomen, several long scars from cutting instruments, and several additional scars from other instruments that are of a combative origin. 

The body was six and three-quarters feet in length. The fingers were large, the middle finger of the left hand measuring four and a half inches along the palmar surface. There were no ring marks on any of the fingers; the nails were short and well-trimmed. The head is normal in aspect and proportional in size to the rest of the body. The hair was shoulder length and was coated with scented pomade. The colour of the eyes was brown. The teeth were sound.  

The body had a ligature mark around the neck with a pronounced bruise on the back of the neck. The hyoid bone was broken in a manner consistent with the ligature marks. Petechia was noted in both eyes. The marks are consistent with those produced by a garrote or similar type weapon. The mouth was open slightly and the tongue was protruding. There were superficial scratches on the back, on a line lateral from the midline and inferior to the scapula. Bruising in the area indicated that they were caused by digits approximating an avian foot. 

The immediate cause of death was asphyxia due to strangulation. 

Malachi Miggins, MD


*actually written by Jed Dagger*

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