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Author, Author!

In Victorian England, simply put, more people read than in previous
centuries. They read journals, newspapers, pamphlets, and novels. Urbanization,
lower printing costs, the Enlightenment, prosperity, and rising literacy all
contributed to a large reading public. Charles Dickens, for example, achieved
the kind of fame that today we associate with rock musicians or movie stars. Several
novelists, poets, and essayists also experienced tremendous popularity.

The R.F.Burton library
wishes to encourage the New Babbage reading public with a monthly focus on
popular authors of this great century. 
Because there are so many excellent novelists to choose from, the head
librarian has decided to select authors according to their birthdays.
Arbitrary? Yes. Whimsical? No doubt. Will deserving authors somehow be omitted?
Most certainly.

Out of focus portrait,
briefish biography, sketchy overview of salient works will be graciously placed
in this space. If somehow we have managed to interest you in reading one of the
featured author’s works, you will may take a copy from the entryway at the

There are many comfortable reading places at the Burton, and you are
invited to explore this beautiful building.  [OCC: A reminder that you can get books from the library,
digitized works of 19th and earlier centuries. Additionally, at the top of the
staircase are two bookcases with titles suggested by Babbage citizens. To get a
book, right click a bookcase. You will see a list of books in that bookcase.
Select one, right click the title and the book will appear in your inventory.
Rez the book inworld and right click to be taken to the digitized work. We are
members of the Alexandrian Free Library and adhere to their collection
standards so these are 19th century publications of the work.
take the rezzed book with you; don’t leave it at the library. ]


Watch this space for our
first author, a writer known for gothic stories and for helping to solidify the
reputation of another famous writer.


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