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August 9th, Summer of the Raptor, 188X: The Traps Are Set

The Raptor had spent days, interrogating the various cats the minions kept bringing him. He had one problem though, He couldn’t speak Cat.

The Raptor stormed out of the lab finally and pointed a claw at the Biographer. “YOU! What do you know about cats?!” I started the accepted greeting “Oh Wise And Benevolent Rep..”

“Yes yes, I’ve heard it, tell me what you know about cats?”

“Well, they sleep, alot…they lick the butter when you’re not watching, they like milk, they like to murder smaller furry creatures, they trip people down stairs, they like catnip.”

He interrupted “Catnip?”

“yes, it’s like opium to a cat? err, sort of, they go all wierd and rub against it like.”

The Raptor nodded “Minions! get me samples of this ‘Catnip’, we’ll make a trap he can’t refuse!”

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