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August 6th, Summer of the Raptor, 188X: we need to set a trap

Dr. Dinosaur raged in the conference room as he reviewed the latest whatcher reports.

“How can a feeble minded cat keep getting away!?”

Tux warked and the doctor shook his scaley head, “Yes they’ve been bringing me cats, I have a whole room full of cats now! They’ve been marking the walls, the smell will never get out! The Time Egg is going to have to delete that room when all is done. And I now have a huge collection of unique ceramic good luck cats, why do so many in Babbage have oriental good luck cats anyway?! this isn’t steelhead! I have cat cookie jars, cat doorstops, cat paintings, cat derrogotypes, #57 even brought a cat-a-pult, And none of them are THE cat either!!!”

Tux warked again as the Raptor paused. “You’re right, we’ve stopped the Bad Horse, we can stop this cat. right now we’ve just been doing the same thing and expecting different results, the black cat is obviously too crafty for the mecharaptors. We need something that will stop him in his tracks long enough to grab and get my receiver back.”

Tux warked again and Dr. Dino nodded,” that is true, he’s a cat, they do seem fairly sneaky, maybe a trap is more what we need to figure… hunting the cat is not working, we’ll set a trap instead, but first we need to work out what cat’s like.”

Tux warked, “No, no, not pie, not with thisone, he seemed to hav a phobia against pie from what he said at Cuffs.”

He stood up from the table “I’ll be in the lab, do not disturb me unless it’s important! I’ll need one of the felines in the, catroom, brought to me, I’ll need to research…” And with that, he stormed out of the room, leaving the various automotons and constructs to scramble around.

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