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August 11th, 188x: The natives are restless

((since it’s become a tourism spot and all, plus to explain where Footman has been until I can get more stable inworld time, here you go))


In Bump, in a small dirty saloon, three dirty, unkempt men were sitting around a broken table, one of the legs snapped off and propped on a stack of bricks.

“You see the train came in? another out o’ towner’s ‘ere” the one in the patched together coat managed to drink the questionable liquid in the glass, while still keeping his stogie puffing.

“ya, I’d seen i’m, mask, some window in ‘is chest, had to be another from Babbage, why’re they coming here so of’n now?” the scrawny redheaded one twitched as he spoke, and rubbed under his eyepatch.

“who cares? they’re good pickin’s, got me a fine watch from one last week.” This one was a corpulant one, with a beat up bowler balanced on his head, a size too small, and a stained vest.

“naw naw, this one, I ain’t touchin ‘im, he was wierd, the thing in ‘is chest, I could see ‘is HEART!  was all wierd lookin’, like weren’t from a man.” One-eye took a swig of his swill and wiped a greasy hand over his mouth. “Bad feelin from ‘im.”

Patchwork puffed on his stogie “Man looked like another doctor, they have nice thin’s, I don’ care what ‘is heart looks like, ‘e can still bleed.”

“‘e ‘ad some sorter, whatcha call ’em, ‘tomo-tons, looked like a ‘pider, didn’t he?” Bowler asked thoughtfully “I seen ‘im this morn, at stucky’s, he’ was sittin’ there at one o’ the tables drinkin’  din’t see no mask tough, ‘is face looked bad, like he’d been dead.”

One-Eye shuddered “they had them problems with zombies in Babbage, don’t they? mebbe ‘e’s one o’ them?”

Bowler smacked One-Eye on the back of the head “Don’ be stoopid Chauncey, there ain’t no such thin as zombies!”

the one called CHauncey rubbed the back of his head “No! it’s true! I heared they had them walking corpses, a couple o’ times now! he’s gotta be one o’ them!”

Patchwork puffed his stogie thoughtfully “corpse ‘er not, ee’s pretty well off lookin, just lookin at the fancy bird with ‘im, you know where he’s stayin’?”

Chauncey nodded and swallowed “The Sump Rat, Debbie’s place, not sure what room, but you can count me out, I don’ want to be messin’ with walking dead.”

Bowler laughed hard “Fine, then you don’ get no share!”

Chauncey got up and shakily made his way out “I’m warnin you, that man ain’t right”

“yeah, yeah, ” bowler waved him off dismissively as Chauncy left, then leaned forward “So, what’s th’ plan?”

Patchwork puffed his stogie, before grounding it on the wooden table “The Sump Rat eh? Debbie owes me a favor, she’ll let us a key to ‘is room, and we ‘it ‘im tonight…” 


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  1. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman August 16, 2011

    ((actually, was pointed out Bump was bombed, lol, ok then, this takes place before the bombing))

    • Jedburgh30 Dagger Jedburgh30 Dagger August 16, 2011

      ((Bump hasn’t been bombed.  That was a rumor, that worked apparently))

    • Yang Moreau Yang Moreau August 16, 2011

      ((Well, your post was for the 11th, the bombing was scheduled for the 13th, so coulda had time! Doc Sonnerstein was in there on the night of the 11th and got out about midday on the 12th. Tried to warn them. Did a couple posts on it))

  2. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman August 16, 2011

    ((looks like it did work, too well lol))


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