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Aug. 8 – News from the Medical Community (Part 2)

As Bookworm and the others took up a vial or two, Bookworm heard a splutter from Tepic, temporarily interrupting his playing. “Be very careful,” Zaros warned. “This substance can cause severe brain damage if injected into a human being. Only use as much as necessary, and only on the intended target.”

“But how will we safely inject this?” Dr. Jekyll asked.

Bookworm held up her tranquilizer dart gun. “Hopefully with this.” She took a vial and the gun, and sat down on a bench, fiddling with the gun to see if she could adapt it to fire the new vial. As she worked, she listened idly to Dr. Sonnerstein and Kasa as they explained more about Lilith’s condition to Dr. Jekyll, and how they believed the cougar and his compatriots differed from her.

“I know that they are tough, unnaturally strong, but that’s why the militia will have dart guns,” Beryl commented. “And some of the rest of us have our… tricks.” His eyes darted toward the door, then back. “The question is, where would we take them after?”

Bookworm looked up from her tinkering. “The asylum. Mr. Canergak has offered his cells for them.”

“In this case, I can’t think of a better place,” Beryl replied, sounding rather pleased. “Especially with the mind-altering medication they’re using. At least Dr. Solsen or the Professor might do something.”

Zaros leaned over and looked at Kea’s notebook. She shook her head and said, “Beryl, could you send a full write up of the situation so far over to the guild? I think it would be valuable to our archive.

“I’ll be happy to do it. It would make life easier if we are all on the same page.”

Bookworm, meanwhile, finished with her tinkering, and clicked the metal vial into place. “Right. That should do it.”

“Is there enough to send to Book and the militia volunteers?” asked Beryl.

Zaros nodded. “If you need more, I can send it over from the Guild.”

“Good. I’ll let you know our needs.”

Beryl, meanwhile, stuck his head around the opening of the front door. “Tepic, are you good out there,” he asked, sounding amused. He and Dr. Sonnerstein went outside, and evidently entered quiet conversation with Tepic. “Yer just gonna make ‘em go ter sleep?” Bookworm heard his ask in an astonished voice.

Kasa, however, got Bookworm’s attention. “I am keeping the supply points to Leon in my head. If you need any notes given to him, let me know, and I will make sure he gets them.”

“Thank you,” she replied. “I’ll just scribble something down for him and Lilith.” She grabbed a pen and sheet of paper, writing only that they had a plan that she hoped would work. She didn’t want to get into detail, in case the note fell into the wrong hands.

Dr. Sonnerstein poked his head back in. “Ms. Book, do you know how much force your tranquilizer guns fire with? Tepic brought up the thought a bear might be rather difficult to hit effectively.”

“Well, they were able to put darts into the hides of zombies at a fair distance. Their skin can be rather hard, too.”

Dr. Jekyll, lingering in the lobby, asked, “If you could, Captain Hienrichs, please send copies of any reports to the hospital for our files? It would be good to keep track of all this.”

“Certainly, doctor.” Bookworm just heard a rather outraged-sounding Tepic say, “Bloomin’ ‘eck, they’s doin’ nuffin but writin’ stuff!”

“So. Is there anything else we need to cover now?”

Kasa shook her head. “Not that I can think of. We can keep you updated on anything we find out.”

Bookworm nodded, watched as Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Sonnerstein each took a few metal vials, and gathered up the rest. “All right, then. I’ll go find some of the other militia members and pass these around.”

“Best of luck, all,” Zaros said. “Try not to get eaten.”

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