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Aug. 2 – Spreading the Warning

Lisa looked up from sweeping, and tensed, as the front door opened. Seeing Beryl come through, she relaxed again. “Hello, Beryl.”

“Hello.” He got right to the point. “I just thought of something a minute ago while discussing Lilith with Bookworm. The Wall. Lilith has been hiding there on some nights. If they catch that scent, they will go there, and they don’t mind eating smaller animals.”

Lisa hissed in a breath. “Including cats?”

“Mice, rats, cats, dogs, people. I don’t think they’re picky. In fact, some of those that have gone missing in the past months – that might not have been just that lab after all.” He sat down on one of the benches, and Lisa joined him.

“They must be good at covering that, though,” she mused, her mind going over every bit of news she’d gotten from her friends and family. “I don’t think any of the Folk have found any kill places. Yet, anyway.”

“They’d eat the bones,” replied Beryl. “Well, I think the bear would.” He sighed, which Lisa echoed. “There’s no end, is there?” she asked.

“No. No, there isn’t.”

“I suppose I’d best stay inside as much as possible…” Lisa wasn’t happy about that, but she knew it was necessary.

“The asylum can be a place of safety,” Beryl agreed, though he added, “for the most part.” He paused. “Well, the second floor is.” Neither of them brought up the residents of the third floor, or the dangers in Canergak’s basement lab. “You’ll get word out, then?”

“I will.” Lisa rather thought she’d do that immediately, if Canergak wasn’t nearby. As Beryl got up to leave, she added, “Tell Lilith hello from me, when you can.”

Beryl nodded. “Soon.” With that, he left, leaving her to her sweeping.

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