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Audio Exploration Night – 2PM SLT

It’s time again for…


Your host Blackberry Harvey will take you on a journey through the career and oeuvre of a performer, artist, or band, starting at the beginning and discussing each step along the way, with reasoned and researched analysis, but mostly with music and dancing!

This time…


Join me on a tour of the career of Alan Parsons and his various Projects!  Thrill at his not-so-meager beginnings!  Revel in finally being able to say, “Oh, *THIS* song?  I didn’t know this was Alan Parsons…”  Wonder how a man who never sang a note won a Grammy for Best Male Vocalist!  All your questions and more shall be answered, on…

Saturday, March 5, starting at 2PM SLT

Huxley Hall, Vernian Sea, City of New Babbage –


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