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Attack on the Raptor: The Fiery Grave

“You idiot!”  Arnold yelled, as he watched the propellers spin right by the machines head.  It couldn’t possibly move without breaking the whole ship!  “Fine! If you want to die! Then come get me!”

The Mecha-Rex pulled back, and the cat screamed, leaping away just as the monster hit the propeller, snapping it off and sending steam and aetheric sparks flying everywhere as the ship rocked.

The vessel tilted down as it lost one of the propellers keeping it afloat, and Arnold was thrust against the floor. Digging in his claws to prevent sliding, he made his way desperately to the next propeller and clung desperately as the ship teetered in the sky.

Dr. Dinosaur used one of the mecha’s arms to steady the robot, and then turned towards the black cat and screamed, “YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED OUT OF IT, CAT!!!”

“I WANTED TO!” he shouted. “I REALLY TRIED TO IGNORE YOU!!” Arnold cried out as the ship began to balance out more. “BUT I COULDN’T!!”

Dr. Dinosaur turned about, and then grabbed one of the struts to balance his machine as he raised a foot to stomp the pest underfoot.  Arnold stared up at him in dismay…he wasn’t really going to smash this propeller too, was he?!

Arnold let out a terrified yowl as he dived for the rear of the ship and the other propellers.  The metal foot slammed through the deck and punctured an airbag which now began to deflate rapidly.  The ship dived, leaving the cat stranded in a horrified moment of falling through the air, until he hit the deck again knocking the wind out of him as he bounced twice.  He dug his claws in when he could, but his grip wasn’t as strong as it was earlier, the blood loss and effort taking its toll…

Dr Dinosaur grunted as he tried to move the metal foot, which had become trapped.  Growling in frustration, he turned the metal raptor towards the rear of the ship and stared down at the cat balefully.

Arnold looked back at him as he got back to his knees for the moment.  “We’re going down, you idiot!  Stop trying to kill me and realize we’re going to die!”

Dr. Dinosaur ignored him as he pulled on the controls, repeatedly trying to remove the leg.  Finally he gave up in exasperation and turned a handle.  The Mecha-rex’s head turned to look at Arnold and the mouth slowly began to winch open, showing two nozzles inside.

Arnold stared at them in horror, whatever they were it would involve fire or a spark….a fiery death awaited him if he stayed on this ship.  Terror and adrenaline fueled him as he got to his feet and made one final dash for life towards the battered remains of Tepic’s ship.

He jumped for the line Lisa had held onto and cut at the weathered ropes with his claws just as Dr. Dinosaur shot out twin flames at the spot where Arnold had been standing.  He was going to raise the head to ignite the sky wherever the cat may be, when the deck ignited inadvertently from the helium and hydrogen mix he had used in the aircraft.  Dr. Dinosaur had only moments to realize what he had just done.  “Uh oh…”

Arnold was pushed away on the balloon as the air exploded around the raptor, and the cat rose higher into the sky and away from this death.  Turning back, the heat he shouted, “Remember this!  A cat may have done this to you, but his name was Arnold!  Not the others!”

The Mecharex flailed about, and then in one last gesture swiped at the dangling cat now out of his reach as the flaming ship spiraled down towards the mountains. “I HATE YOU CAAAAAAAAATTTTT!!!”

“I HATE YOU MORE!”  Arnold shouted back.  There was no reply as the airship spiraled into the mountains, impacting the side and disappearing in a large fireball.


The air currents had brought the bleeding and exhausted cat north into the mountains…as he rose higher it began to grow colder making him become even more drowsy, and his grip was slipping.  He tried to reach for the rope dangling below him to tie around himself, but he felt himself slipping when he leaned forward or back.  It was only a matter of time until a kraken ate him or he let go of the rope and fell to his death.

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