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Attack of the 50 Prim Bed

Well, i spend much of my time helping newcomers to second life. In my experience, the first few days of your life is crucial and the presence of a helpful person is something that will stop you quitting in frustration. New residents simply do not have the understanding to do basic things and one rather insidious thing i keep running into is the issue of prims in objects.

So, the other day while i was sitting in the Shelter, a sim set up for newbies to have a place to get help, i saw someone in the chat seeking help. Needless to say, nobody appeared to respond, so i took it up myself. I feel that if someone puts up a clearly worded, polite question, its a fundamental right for them to get it answered by more experienced folk. To be ignored at that time is deadly, especially if you are in an area that is supposedly dedicated to help.

It was a simple question, but a painful one. A newbie with a linden home wanted to pay money to “get more prims” for the land. That question alone told me a sad story, as it was someone who was going to end up throwing money at what was really a simple issue of education. They had no idea how many prims were in their furniture and had managed to fill up their home with some freebie junk that probably looked very pretty on the outside.

Some time later i was in their home assessing their furniture. It was a typical “trap home” whereby the lindens in their wisdom had given it two floors, making it especially challenging to decorate with a 117 limit that also applies to the outside (things like porch lighting). For some reason the pictures on the wall were 4 prims each (and there were 4 of them). The four poster bed was 40 and the lounge set below was 32. The rest of the house was painfully bare with the exception of an indoor mini pool (a very simply structure at 4 prims, with some poses, so probably a fun item to have).

In a short time i taught them how to scan an object for prims with edit, what a sculpt was and i showed them my linden home and my barataria home to give them an idea of how to decorate on low prim counts. They had hard decisions to make and we decided on keeping the lounge set but the bed was likely to need a replacement. The pictures were an easy target for prim saving as they were both overly primmy and ugly.

So, happiness prevails, but i know that out there are many newbies who dont have the luck of running into a helpful person with time on their hands. so i encourage everyone to spend a little time finding them and trying to set them on the right track.

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