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Artrims Telegraph Cable Company

Well Hello Again,

Sorry I have’nt been around alot been working really hard on my other place in New Babbage

Had a sit down with the Cable Cabinet and we had to talked it over and though it would be best If I was to start work right away on the Undersea Communications Cable to be run from New Babbage To London Knowning the work would be hard and long We drew up the plans to get started right away on  the machines that would be needed to house as much as two miles of cable, At a time in piles no more then 25 feet high as we have finished the main building and cable machine the rubber needed to coat the wire would be hard in getting to New Babbage so we set out on the orders before the building would be built and as of today we have barrel after barrel of it sitting and waiting as needed Thank the Lord.

I have called in a old friend to shoot some pictures of the work we did in hopes of keeping the dream alive in the city. Now the task at hand is to find a ship big enough to house all the cable to be run. We will be meeting at sea in the middle of the ocean to tie the lines together and go are own ways that we have mapped out to bring word of the new world to the people of New Babbage.

















 ARTRIMS CABLE COMPANY / LOBACHEVSKY, New Babbage (114, 19, 102)

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