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Well I wanted to let yall know it’s been sometime since I posted last and I believe I said the same thing last time hehe…

I’m always busy trying to get something done really have’nt had time to get around and visit much. But I guess here it takes awhile to get to know people and who knows maybe they have enough friends never know LOL Well I desided since my last post to up root the brick company and move it to a bigger piece of land, That way I could add the things that I really needed to so it all worked right and well it was a hit.


The people that have came by seem to like it and if they don’t it’s fine too because I really enjoyed making it and the way it turned out is very close to period I believe. Well after the move I took the old building and desided to make it home.

I had to add some walls and remove some. I wanted to open up the upper walls that way I could enjoy the sunset in the evening and have a place to maybe cast a pole out and see if things are biting, never  know Well if you get time do please stop by the new location and pick you up a pallet of brick to go on me it’s free.



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  1. Victor1st Mornington Victor1st Mornington August 17, 2011

    Really nice use of scripting and a great brick machinery build inside folks!  Well worth a look!

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