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Arnold’s journal: The night of Feb. 26

I have not been resting peacefully in the past few days.  I have lost some tracks of time while laying on the couch at the Gangplank and in other spaces.  I don’t feel as if I was asleep, but was unresponsive when Lottie and Petra entered the Plank last night.  That has been happening very often, more often than I’d like as it means anyone can sneak up on me.  Lisa, Petra, and a few others have done so, and it is only a matter of time before I encounter someone unsavory.

While talking with those starting to gather I found out that I am having moments of time where I start to remember things and then get stuck, even on unimportant things.  I was apparently trying to name one of the cities moreau messengers and got stuck repeating her name.

I went to Dr. Sonnerstein with Lilith, who needed to see him about her medication, and Mr. Blackwell who wished to see us there safely.  I had almost forgotten our trip to the hospital and how we’d needed to see Dr. Sonnerstein after the tuberculosis test was passed.  I’ll be under observation for a few days. 

Zaros appeared there also looking for Dr. Sonnerstein’s help, and I soon told them I’d be back after I explained the situation to Dr. Maddox.

Dr. Maddox had another surprise for me at the asylum.  I am no longer an orderly nor a nurse of the now combined hospitals.  I will act as her personal assistant when I recover enough to return.  I already was her personal assistant, but she called it an official promotion she had been fighting for after the incident.  It means far less work for me than I had been doing there from what I’ve heard, I would run her errands mostly, and it saves me from having to resign completely.  I have considered doing that for several weeks for many different reasons, but was torn on leaving Lisa and Maddox there alone.

Arnold paused, not wanting to describe the Meeting, but lest he forget someday and need his journals again he wrote one last thing.

Strifeclaw is a good name.

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